Please note that this post is part of an assignment for my CareerFoundry digital marketing course and isn’t part of an actual content marketing campaign. Green Gatherings is a fictional zero waste company and the products mentioned in this post are fictional.

Host your Picnic, Zero Waste

With our fully biodegradable picnic kit, your party just got easier and more environmentally friendly.

Our fully biodegradable picnic plates, cups and more, make post picnic clean up easy AND zero waste. The Picnic Kit comes is the perfect starter pack for an eco-friendly party of 10.

Organising outdoor events for your family and friends is a wonderful way to create memories and spend time in nature together, and they don’t have to involve over-flowing trash bins at the end. Skip the plastic plates and keep your picnic basket light by trying out our compostable plates, cups and utensils. They aren’t just chic and super convenient, but are also a great conversation starter about small changes we can make to protect our planet Earth!

Made from locally sourced park leaves

Biodegrades in a few weeks

Choose the picnic kit and receive 30% off Retail

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“These plates are so chic and easy to use. I was worried that they might not hold up as well as the paper plates we used to use, but my family and I had no issue, even with the watermelon salad I made! I will definitely be ordering again”

Sabine B.

“I needed a solution for a big family party that was more zero waste but not going to break the bank. I was so pleased to find Green Gatherings. It was a great conversation starter for one and everyone loved them!”

Julia A.

Get Your Zero Waste Picnic Kit

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