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TheVIVgoods is the slow fashion brand I have been running single handedly since 2019. As with any e-commerce business in a highly competitive market, digital marketing was often more than 60% of my focus and time spent. It has provided me with four years of intense experience in social media marketing, content creation, e-mail marketing, web design (shopify and mailchimp/Klaviyo), and customer loyalty.

Here is a very small slice of the content I’ve created for Pinterest, Instagram, the Newsletter and Blog:

Launch date:


Stats from Jan 2023

1.1k Follows & 41.5K monthly views

Designing an implementing ads and pins for Pinterest is something I have begun spending more time with since the Instagram algorithm change in early summer 2022. I’ve found it to be a highly valuable tool that has brought a significant boost of traffic to my website with less time investment than Instagram. Pins from early summer 2022 are still bringing traffic to my website today.


Stats from Jan 2023

1.8K followers average 2.9% follower growth

Instagram has been my main platform for TheVIVgoods. More than 60% of my sales come from my Linkt.ree back link. I use the Later app to plan out roughly 2 weeks at a time keeping in mind holidays, upcoming discounts and new product launches.

Video has become increasingly important which is why I have invested in learning Adobe Rush as I have found Instagram’s local editor to be unreliable. I am currently learning to operate a camera stabiliser (Gimbal) to take my reels up a notch. Through experimentation, I’ve found that behind the scenes reels as well as informational reels with a face in the cover image perform best.


New Product Launch Campaign May 2022

275 subscribers, average of 61% open rate

Newsletters are one of my highest engagement content types. Though they always out perform the industry average newsletter open rate by 30% (according to mailchimp’s data). I limit my newsletters to once per quarter maximum, to prevent brand fatigue.

Writing newsletters is one of my favourite forms for content creation.


Blog & Interviews

screenshot from Jan 2023

Transcribing Interivews, Portrait Photography & Story telling

Writing the blog has been a labor of love. In early 2022 I began with a series of interviews with people working within the creative industry that I found inspiring, and I believed my customer base would as well. The experience taught me a great deal about transcribing interviews, asking clear and poignant questions, and helping non-models feel comfortable in front of the camera. I was able to use these interviews as content on Facebook, Instagram and in the quarterly newsletter.

I wish to continue writing about sustainability, conscious consumption and living a creatively fulfilled life.


screenshot from Jan 2023

23% returning customer rate

Designing and running the Shopify website from the ground up was a surprisingly swift process. After building websites for clients in Squarespace, Shopify was a breeze and took less than a month to launch.

I check in with the data collected by Shopify and GA4  on a weekly basis to guide me in optimizing campaigns and new products.

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