Roots Studio

Roots Studio is a social enterprise that digitises the artwork of rural indigenous artist from India and China, and brings them to the western art licensing market. The artists are paid directly from sales made, and must approve the end use of their designs. This means they can prevent their village’s artistic legacy from being printed on something like a swimsuit or underwear.

My role as Roots studio was to manage a team of two designers in Mumbai, oversee production of samples and products. I flew back and forth between Berlin and New York, for sales meetings, and trade shows. I coordinated with media outlets to deliver design assets that were published by WGSN forecasting, and the Premiere Vision Paris September trade show trend guide.

Premiere Vision Paris Fall 2018 & 2019

PV Booth Design 2018
WGSN Feature

Design, Execution and Sales

Prepping Roots Studio for the debut at Premiere Vision Paris in the fall of 2018 was a huge undertaking. In only three months we rebranded, designed 600 new patterns and printed over 900 pattern swatches.

These efforts laid the groundwork for future collaborations with Prana, Cotopaxi, Outdoor Research, and REI, among others.

"Vivian is a facile, focused and inspired designer. She is one of the rare individuals who takes up project and manages it deftly with little direction and great attention to detail. Vivian made beautiful pitch decks for ROOTS STUDIO that gave breath and depth to our print collection and illustrated its broad range of possibilities. She designed and set up our booth at PV Paris, garnered appointments with industry heavyweights and proved to be an excellent salesperson. She's the quiet stronghold every team needs. I would highly recommend her for a position where the intersection of technical skill and commercial trend awareness are critical to a project's mission."

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