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 Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


Adobe Illustrator is one of the three main Adobe programs required for design based jobs, and through a month of small group classes (max 6 students) you will be well on your way to being a confident and proficient user.

The course is project based and will teach basic to intermediate skills at the student’s pace. The projects are flexible and student driven, designed to for real world use. Depending on student’s pace, projects can include: a business card, logo, spot illustration, a flyer or a web banner.

This Course is offered on demand and can be made flexible to fit your schedule. A minimum of two students is required to begin this course. If you would rather start right away, private courses are also available. [LINK]

What will be covered:

  • Creating “freehand” vector illustrations

  • Editing purchased graphics

  • Turning photographs into vector artwork

  • Vectorizing and coloring traced hand drawings

  • Preparing graphics for web and print

  • keyboard shortcuts and best practices

  • Creating layouts, guides and templates

Who this class is for:

This class is for beginner users who have little to no experience with Adobe Illustrator and are interesting in gaining a solid foundation of the software to build upon for professional use or a creative practice.

About the instructor:

Vivian Kvitka is a professional designer with a background in Fine Art. She has been creating textiles and print design work with Adobe CC for the past 7 years. She is a passionate and attentive teacher who loves teach in small workshop settings.


Any version of Adobe Illustrator, preferably not older than Illustrator CS6. Ideally Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud)

Price & Schedule : The class is 2 hours long one evening a week for four weeks. The first hour is instructional with examples and tutorials, the last hour is for students to work on their projects ask questions and get direct feedback. The four week course is €120. Invoices are gladly provided. The full month tuition must be paid before the first class.

Location: The course is offered in the teacher’s home studio in Friedrichshain near the Samariter U5 and Frankfurter Allee Ringbahn station. With a large table seating eight and a projector for demonstrations, the space is a comfortable and focused space for learning.

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