Hi, I'm Vivian..

I'm 32, American, and live in Berlin, Germany since 2013.

I currently run TheVIVgoods a sustainable fashion brand, and throughout my journey, I’ve found marketing to be the most exciting and inspiring challenge. This passion led me to pursue a career in digital marketing. My background in graphic design, photography, and nine years as a freelance graphic, and brand designer, have all played a role in my success in this field.

Having completed a 7-month boot camp in digital marketing with CareerFoundry, my skills and interest have only grown. I’m eager to transition from running my own business and secure an in-house content marketing position. My goal is to assist other businesses in reaching more customers and building engaged communities that convert effectively.

If you’re looking for a dedicated digital marketer to join your team, please be sure to get in touch with me.

What my colleagues have said...

Pamela Lysohir (Roots Studio Sales Consultant) said...
Vivian is a facile, focused and inspired designer. She is one of the rare individuals who takes up project and manages it deftly with little direction and great attention to detail... She's the quiet stronghold every team needs. I would highly recommend her for a position where the intersection of technical skill and commercial trend awareness are critical to a project's mission.
Alexa Shoen - (Marketing Consultant for Microsoft) said...
"Absolutely genius. This woman is a breath of fresh air for any company trying to pull off a creative event or product launch. I worked closely with Vivian on the 5 Years of betahaus festival, where she ran -- in her own words -- the "real-life UX design" of the full schedule and its logistics."
Rebecca Hui (Roots Studio CEO)
"Vivian is as creative, passionate, and imaginative as she is grounded and practical. She is as strategic and artistic, as she is rolling up her sleeves and getting things done."
Allie Tate (Spoonflower Senior Marketing Manager) said...
"Vivian is professional, creative and on top of projects. She makes working together simple and fun. Her creativity is contagious!"
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When I'm not hard at work...

you’ll find me…

  • on a run with my Aussie/Huskie-mix pup named Bagel,
  • in my kitchen experimenting with a new vegan recipe,
  • growing sprouts or brewing kombucha,
  • in my studio sewing an outfit from recycled threads,
  • or maybe you’ll find me with my nose in a book,

    …but you’ll never find me in a karaoke club

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